Monthly Archives: April 2011

Mint Choc Tarts

I was in a bit of baking mood and thought I’d make some mini tarts. Since I was a child I’ve enjoyed Feast ice lollies with the crisp, cold piece of chocolate hidden in the middle and will never cease to love the mint version, so I decided to put it into tart form. The recipe is pretty simple (simple is always a good thing!) but the results are really tasty and would be fantastic on any occasion. Chilling the finished tarts is important as it not only enhances  the minty freshness but it allows the filling to set (although if you can’t wait to try them – like me – I’m  sure you won’t mind the filling spilling out and onto your hands!). The amout of pastry makes exactly 12 cases so you’ll have to re-roll the trimmings! Click here for the recipe