Monthly Archives: June 2011

Birthday Cupcakes

There have been a number of birthdays back at home recently and with me being here at Uni I haven’t been able to celebrate them. If I had been there I know exactly what my gifts would’ve been so instead I thought I’d share them with you. Cupcakes are brilliant as they are pretty easy to make and can really turn heads when executed with that extra touch. Be sure not to overfill the cases otherwise the mixture will spill over the edges as they bake (hence why I weigh mine to make sure they’re evenly filled).  Click here for the recipe


Lemon Biscuits

I love lemon, in both sweet and savoury things, and believe it or not yellow is my favourite colour! After baking many batches to perfect them my flatmate Panos certified these biscuits ‘A-class’, and the recipe must be one of the simplest I’ve written. It’s basically a recipe for pastry, flavoured, cut into shapes and baked –  so if you want to make a tart bake for 20 minutes in a 9” flan tin and once cool pile on some whipped cream and fresh fruit. By omitting the lemon zest the flavour variations are endless, two of my favourite being vanilla (add 2 teaspoons vanilla extract with seeds) and chocolate (replace 30g flour with cocoa powder). Click here for the recipe

Chocolatiers’ Shortbread

During this time of fervent revision when the library is open 24 hours and many students are in ‘constant study’ mode, I’ve found myself baking – somehow not a big surprise. I think traybakes are really homely and it doesn’t usually take much effort to create something delicious looking and delicious tasting (the proof for me being that I had all the ingredients without knowing I was gonna make it!). This is my take on Millionaires’ Shortbread, those lovely layers of shortbread, caramel and chocolate, transformed for all the chocolate lovers out there! I wouldn’t call myself a chocolate addict, but a part-time fanatic, yes, maybe. Click here for the recipe


Cherry Turnovers

So it’s been a while, but I’ve been baking a lot – trust me. I had this crazified idea to make my own puff pastry, you know like one of those life aims (although it wasn’t that high up on the list but relatively easy to achieve), but I decided to take it a little further, not only would I make my own puff pastry but I would make something with it – crazy right?! The following recipe was a winner with my flatmates and I think is a cool take on the traditional apple turnover. I’ll be honest and tell you the first time I made them they were too sweet for me but I reduced the sugar content and they are delish. Ironically I’ve suggested using shop-bought puff pastry as I don’t think making it was quite worth the effort (more time-consuming than tiring, mind you) and you’ll get more consistent results using the ready-made stuff. But if your heart so desires give home-made puff pastry a go, you might just surprise yourself! 😉 Click here for the recipe