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Banana Bread

I’ve really gotten into baking loaf cakes recently. And of course one of the, if not the most, quintessential loaf cakes is banana bread. They say the riper the bananas the better so buy them at least a week in advance, wrap in a bag and leave to ripen – I use them when they have black freckles all over. I’ve been quite specific about the amount of banana used, that is for two reasons: one, who knows exactly how big a medium banana  is? And two, when baking I like to be sure I’ll yield the same great results again and again and again and… you get the picture. There’s nothing fancy here, in fact I kind of wish there was to give it more of a wow factor but I guess I’ll have to do that in the next post! And here’s a nice little tip: any leftover banana (unless you manage to get exactly 350g when peeled) can be shoved in a blender with some orange juice and there you have a lovely smoothie to drink while the banana aroma fills the house =] Click here for the recipe


Maple & Pecan Flapjacks

My primary school never seemed to have a low in supply of flapjacks for pudding and the variety in terms of quality was just as abundant, sometimes soft and chewy as they should be (but not like toffee) or dry and hard as if the dinner lady (or lad) didn’t set the timer. Nonetheless I still enjoy flapjacks to this day (though as more of a snack than actual pudding) and thought I’d put my own spin the simple treat. Maple syrup goes really well with pecans (and walnuts too, though I can’t imagine why one would put it on bacon – do enlighten me if this is your desired way to use maple syrup) and the pecans add a lovely texture (roasting them brings out their flavour – 5 minutes at 180°C). This is something that can be knocked up in no time so really good if you have a busy schedule. As for me, I’m on summer holiday… =D

Click here for the recipe

Chicken & Basil Calzoni

One of my mates works at the Hut (that’s Pizza Hut to those of you who aren’t regulars) meaning I always get the offer of free (or at least
discounted) pizzas. When the opportunity to try a calzone came around I didn’t jump at it – and that’s not because I’m some sort of pizza purist despising the capitalists’ take on Italian cuisine but rather I thought of calzoni as hot, soggy baps filled with tomato, cheese and (in my case) chicken. Then when I found out calzone meant trouser (the plural being calzoni if you really wanna be Italian), I wasn’t any further encouraged to give it go. However, to my surprise, they are quite delicious, being as versatile as pizza (by altering the filling) and even good when on the go. Please note in my recipe I’ve stipulated ‘cheese’ meaning whatever you have to hand, if it goes stringy when melted it’ll do the job! Click here for the recipe