The Great British Bake Off

So yes, it’s true, I am one of the 12 lucky bakers who will be on this year’s series of The Great British Bake Off. I shan’t say much more as I don’t want to give anything away but here’s a picture of us contestants (and Mary & Paul the judges!). It will air on BBC2 at 8pm on Tuesday 16th August (and each Tuesday thereafter) – put the date in your diaries, set your Sky+ to record, catch up on iPlayer, do whatever you have to do to see series 2 of The Great British Bake Off!

Here’s a link for the book and here’s a link to the official website.


6 responses to “The Great British Bake Off

  • Fluffy Cho29

    Yessir..I will be there with my eyes peeled! I will also tape it on my vcr!

  • Chef Jae

    Thanks Cho! I didn’t even know VCRs still worked!

  • eggchild

    My mum and I have been watching this from the start. My mum says ‘whoever taught you has taught you well!’
    We both would love for you to win!
    That guy that dropped his cake…well….we would have got rid of him when his bread basket flopped!. Ah well, never mind.
    And awalys make sure the salt pot is far way from the Sugar bowl…….. 🙂

  • patricia

    Jason – I’m tipping you to win ! I’ve just been catching up on GBBO on iplayer and had to order a proper quiche tin so I can try your Salmon and Pakchoi quiche.
    I have a 12yr son who loves to cook I’m going to get him to watch GBBO at the w/e so he can see how well a 19yr old can do against more older (and presumably more experienced) cooks.

    • Chef Jae

      Hi Patricia,

      Aww that is so cool. I hope you enjoy the quiche, I had much fun making it even tho I don’t actually like quiche! tehe. 12 is the age I started cooking so who knows what your son will achieve.

      Best wishes

      Jason =]

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