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Lemon & Raspberry Cupcakes

I’ve been baking a lot of cupcakes recently, trying my hand at as many different flavours as possible in order to stretch my creativity (and of course tantalise my tastebuds!). The inspiration for these came pretty easily on one of my regular visits to the supermarket. I spotted a bottle of pink lemonade on the shelf and quickly made my way to the fruit & veg section in search of raspberries (I already had the lemon curd!). The recipe isn’t much different to my Apple & Cinnamon Cupcakes or my Birthday Cupcakes as I’ve developed a base recipe that only needs a few tweaks to create something very impressive but with little effort. Click here for the recipe


Passion Fruit Swiss Roll

Having been requested to use passion fruit in a recipe I grabbed it by the horns as I’d never used passion fruit in anything before. I’ll admit this isn’t the most adventurous of recipes but sometimes simplicity is key; it captures the fresh tangy flavour of the fruit nicely contrasted against the sweetness of the sponge. Swiss roll (or roulade for the more discerning members of the food society) is a quick and easy recipe which can be altered in many ways to suit anyone’s taste (given that you like cake) so you may well see more swiss roll recipes from me. The trick to getting the sponge light and airy is in the mixing, whisking the eggs and sugar until pale and thick eliminating the need for raising agents. You know it’s the right consistency when the mixture leaves a thick trail as it falls from the beaters (when lifted) and sits on top of it itself.

If you’re not a fan of passion fruit seeds, sieve the pulp before mixing into the cream!  Click here for the recipe

Thank you all…

Foodie adventures – gelato in Italy =P

I just had to post a message to all of you wonderful people for leaving your lovely messages and supporting me along my GBBO journey. Being on the show was sufficient for me to feel good about my baking skills but you guys have taken that joy to another level. People I’ve never met before, who I probably didn’t even think would be googling my name, have seen me doing my thing on TV and here on this blog and shown their love, so for this I am truly thankful – humbled in fact. I’m in the process of replying to personally to all the messages I’ve received (email, blog comments, Facebook wall posts etc) so please bear with me and hold on to this message until you receive your individual reply!

Once again, thank you all and keep baking – apparently I’ve become quite an inspiration hmmmm 😉

Chef Jae =]

Cheese & Onion Tear & Share Loaf

This is the recipe for my signature bake in GBBO Episiode 3. To my surprise my idea of a free-form flavoured loaf wasn’t quite what the judges had in mind, the fact that it is made up of 19 balls baked as one loaf. However, once it came out of the oven and the judges tasted it they were highly impressed. I used a traditional flavour combination, as I usually do, as it is a way of ensuring the flavours work well together. Then I add a twist – in this case the cheese and onion being used as a filling rather than kneaded into the dough. Click here for the recipe

Printer-friendly PDFs

After browsing my own blog just to check everything was working properly I discovered that the print button is kinda, umm, rubbish. So I removed it. And did some behind-the-scenes work. You’ll now notice at the bottom of each recipe post is a link to a PDF version that I made for simple printing. The recipe is there in it’s full glory and with a picture to accompany =D

I hope that makes your time spent on my blog even better!

Chef Jae =]