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Beetroot & Chocolate Cake

I was recently challenged to use beetroot in a sweet dish. I wasn’t entirely freaked out but did think it would make for an interesting flavour. Vegetables such as carrot and beetroot can work well in cakes as they have a natural sweetness to them and add tonnes of moisture. This recipe is based on one for carrot cake, with the addition of chocolate to enhance the flavour and let’s not forget the gems on top – chocolate candied beetroot! Not strictly candied (like lemon or orange peel) but cooked in a sugar syrup and tossed in cocoa powder to take this cake to another level. =] Click here for the recipe


Still on Twitter!

I am no longer tweeting under @preheattheoven but rather @officialchefjae! =D

Now on Twitter!

Yes Preheat the Oven, or moreover Chef Jae, has now joined the twitter revolution!



Chocolate & Pistachio Cookies

I think everyone likes a good cookie right? Lovely dense chewy thing, packed with flavour mmmmm. Well here’s my take on chocolate chip cookies – something I was requested to post a recipe for a while back, but I though I’d do some a bit more special than simple chocolate chip. Not to say you can’t just omit the pistachios, swap the cocoa for 20g more self-raising flour and use milk chocolate instead of white – that probably sounds a bit more complicated than it should but you get my gist. Combining the right flavours in a fun way is what I like to do, bake these and tell me what you think. Please =] Click here for the recipe

London Student Magazine

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to an interview at the headquarters of London Student Magazine – for those who don’t know that means the Student Union of the University of London! It was good to be on university grounds again and talk about what I love best with people who share that passion (Helena and Eve – check out her blog here). Below is the video of the interview – I hope you enjoy!