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West Norwood Slow Food Festival

Where will you be March 31st? Hopefully with me at the West Norwood Slow Food Festival! This will be a celebration of the very best food traditions, from our very own corner of South London to the great British countryside. Check out the website for more details and I hope to see you all there – I’ll be baking some goodies too for the Big Breakfast so there’s no reason not to book your ticket or just come along! =D

Event site:



Chocolate Orange Tarts

Any chocolate fans out there? It’s funny because although I admit I like chocolate I didn’t expect to have so many chocolate recipes on my blog. So yes sticking to the pattern here’s another! =] I recently used this recipe for a demo (at EHWLC once again!) but it wasn’t the one I originally had in mind. The original tarts I made had a lemon pastry cream and raspberries on top (very tasty) but that’s a flavour combination I’ve used way too much in the past – and I also wanted to use chocolate pastry =] The one difficulty with chocolate pastry is that it’s harder to gauge when it’s cooked simply by eye, but I believe if you’ve mastered standard shortcrust then it’s be a piece of cake. Use the same timings as you would with shortcrust and feel for the same textures and there shouldn’t be a problem =] Click here for the recipe