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Cranberry, Orange and Almond Shortbread

Cranberry, Orange and Almond Shortbread B

Here’s a recipe to get autumn started. Studded with sweet, dried cranberries, scented with fresh orange zest and embellished with sugar-coated chopped almonds. These are my favourite shortbread biscuits I’ve made to date! They’re a bit fiddly to get looking perfect, so be sure to chill the dough well otherwise the cranberries and almonds will be problematic when slicing the biscuits.

Click here for the recipe


Strawberry & Star Anise Swirl Cake

Strawberry & Star Anise Swirl Cake A

I first tried the flavours in this cake in a drink from one of my favourite juice bars. I was really intrigued by the pairing of star anise with strawberries and after just one sip I was hooked! So I’ve created this cake to recapture that wonderful flavour combination. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Click here for the recipe

Spiral Biscuits

Spiral Biscuits A

These exciting biscuits are a doddle to make – exactly my kind of recipe, simple to do yet really impressive. I took them into work and many of my colleagues remarked how ‘cool’ they looked (yes, they said cool ;] ) and indeed how scrumptious they found them. Give them a go and treat your friends and family! Click here for the recipe

Elderflower & Cucumber Cupcakes

Elderflower & Cucumber Cupcakes B

This is a flavour combination I encountered when I was eating at one of my favourite restaurants. I’ve always been a fan of elderflower but was slightly perturbed to see two slices of cucumber floating in the elderflower soda I had ordered. But my mind was soon blown. The refreshing flavour cucumber brings truly complements the subtle sweetness of elderflower and I was very keen to put these two flavours in my baking.  Due to the extra sugar content from the cordial, these cupcakes rise a bit more than the Birthday Cupcakes recipe so you may need to put a little less in the paper cases. Click here for the recipe

Mini Pistachio & Strawberry Tarts

Mini Pistachio & Strawberry Tarts A

In case by now you hadn’t realised, I love frangipane. So when I discovered pistachio frangipane I was in my element! Swapping almonds for pistachios not only changes the flavour, it produces a beautiful green frangipane for the eyes to feast on ahead of the stomach. Sticking with colours, the strawberry jam works well as complementary to the green frangipane. Moving onto flavours, the sweet strawberry compliments the nutty pistachio wonderfully. Click here for the recipe