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Linzer Biscuits

Linzer Biscuits A

These unsuspecting biscuits are based on the Austrian Linzertorte, made with almond pastry and filled with raspberry compote. The surprise is that despite the sprinkling of icing sugar they look like plain old biscuits but the crumbly pastry, spiced with cinnamon, hides a sweet raspberry filling! Click here for the recipe


Chicken & Broccoli Parcels

Chicken & Broccoli Parcels A

Another savoury recipe from me, yes you are seeing right! This is a homely, warming and filling recipe that you can make for a snack, for a meal or to freeze as back-up food (I do this all the time!). Tenderstem broccoli is a member of vegetable royalty in my opinion, it looks good and knows it does. But it doesn’t just look good, the tender stems (hence the name) are really delicious with a beautiful flavour. Click here for the recipe

Pear & Ginger Traybake

Pear & Ginger Traybake A

This recipe combines two of my favourite ingredients – pear and ginger! I love the sweet and juicy flavour of pear, I think there’s nothing like it. And the warmth that comes from ginger pairs well with so many flavours. This cake is made in a similar fashion to a carrot cake, although I feel it needs no frosting embellishment as it sings a sweet and spicy melody on its own. Click here for the recipe


Orange Scones with Maple Butter

Orange Scones with Maple Butter A

I’ve given traditional scones a fresh twist with the addition of orange zest and served with maple butter for an indulgent weekend brunch offering!

Click here for the recipe