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Argan Oil Crackers

Argan Oil Crackers A

My first taste of argan oil was at school; my food tech teacher gave me some to try and I fell in love with it.  A few years later, I bumped into (well in the twittersphere) Dana, founder of Arganic, a company which sells organic argan oil in the UK. I was reunited with the golden oil and made these crackers to parade the unique and beautiful flavour of argan oil. I like to think of argan oil as a spicy version olive oil, just as versatile and incredibly good for you! Click here for the recipe


Chocolate & Ginger Pinwheels

Chocolate & Ginger Pinwheels A

I love the characteristic warmth ginger brings to any dish and here’s another recipe showing off ginger’s versatility. The recipe for the Rough Puff Pastry was featured on the blog a few weeks ago, and these are some of the beauties I made with it. Why not make your own (it’s easier than you think) and make yourself feel proud!

Click here for the recipe

Lavender Macarons

Lavender Macarons B

I remember making macarons on The Great British Bake Off. Back then I’d never even tasted one so I quickly hopped off to a fancy café to know what to aim for. It was love at first bite, sweet, crisp, chewy, flavourful and delicate all in one! I then set about making them; I made over ten batches before I was pleased. Macarons aren’t that difficult to be honest, they can just be tricky – particularly in the mixing, so pay careful attention and when the mixture falls from the spatula in a ribbon stop right there!
Click here for the recipe

St Clement’s Cheesecake

St Clement's Cheesecake B

Oranges and lemons, Say the bells of St Clement’s! I can’t say it’s a nursery rhyme I remember but it’s a very good suggestion for a flavour combination. Oranges and lemons just work so well with the each other, the sharp-sweetness of the orange and the sweet-sharpness of the lemon (I hope you’re following me) complement each other. And did I mention I love cheesecake? Well here I am, in my elements, with food once again!
Click here for the recipe

Cherry Tomato Tartlets

Cherry Tomato Tartlets A

This is one of the first recipes I came up with using puff (or rough puff) pastry, when I was about thirteen. It’s daringly simple, but nothing needs to be complicated in order to satisfy. And these tartlets do much more than just satisfy. Whether as a dinner party starter, mid-afternoon snack or part of a laid-back brunch, these tartlets fit the bill.

Click here for the recipe