Chef Jae Cakes

For about three years, since late 2006 I baked and decorated cakes. I’ve decided to share some photos of the cakes and have had to be selective (I made over 100!). The idea to start selling my cakes came after a friend (Shenekia) saw some photos of the first few I made and was impressed, enlisting me to make her birthday cake. From there family and friends started to show an interest, word spread and before I knew it I was making my first wedding cake. This was all in the first 9 months after Shenekia’s order. Chef Jae Cakes was booming!

By the time I finished my GCSEs the whole school knew me for my cakes! Chef Jae can you make me a cake for my birthday? Jason when you gonna bring us some cakes? Even teachers placed orders! It went as far as the principal dropping my real name and only calling me Chef Jae. Through Sixth Form I continued Chef Jae Cakes until my A-Level exams came along and I decided to dedicate more time to studies – I mean I needed to get into Uni!  I still love baking (hence the blog) and I decorate cakes from time to time, so I’m keeping my options open for who knows what the future holds!


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