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Cheese & Onion Tear & Share Loaf

This is the recipe for my signature bake in GBBO Episiode 3. To my surprise my idea of a free-form flavoured loaf wasn’t quite what the judges had in mind, the fact that it is made up of 19 balls baked as one loaf. However, once it came out of the oven and the judges tasted it they were highly impressed. I used a traditional flavour combination, as I usually do, as it is a way of ensuring the flavours work well together. Then I add a twist – in this case the cheese and onion being used as a filling rather than kneaded into the dough. Click here for the recipe


Chicken & Basil Calzoni

One of my mates works at the Hut (that’s Pizza Hut to those of you who aren’t regulars) meaning I always get the offer of free (or at least
discounted) pizzas. When the opportunity to try a calzone came around I didn’t jump at it – and that’s not because I’m some sort of pizza purist despising the capitalists’ take on Italian cuisine but rather I thought of calzoni as hot, soggy baps filled with tomato, cheese and (in my case) chicken. Then when I found out calzone meant trouser (the plural being calzoni if you really wanna be Italian), I wasn’t any further encouraged to give it go. However, to my surprise, they are quite delicious, being as versatile as pizza (by altering the filling) and even good when on the go. Please note in my recipe I’ve stipulated ‘cheese’ meaning whatever you have to hand, if it goes stringy when melted it’ll do the job! Click here for the recipe