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Apricot & Ginger Friands

Apricot & Ginger Friands

These friands are flavoured with dried apricot, one of the better looking dried fruits due to their lovely orange colour. What’s more, their subtle flavour blends well with other flavours without getting lost completely. It may seem I’ve over done it here, soaking the friands with a ginger syrup as they are deliciously moist already (thanks to the almonds). But the syrup makes them simply melt in the mouth, and I mean melt.

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Mascarpone & Pear Pots

Mascarpone & Pear Pots

Pears are undeniably one of my favourite fruits. Whether eating them fresh or in a dessert, I love pears! This recipe is reminiscent of cheesecake but a little bit more grown-up. Laced with ginger and adorned with shards of brandy snaps, these little pots are delectable!
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Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves A

During autumn I love crunching leaves underfoot, so I thought why not make some autumn leaves to crunch on indoors. A cute little twist on gingerbread, these are easy to make and their miniature size will fill any biscuit tin just like leaves in a park.
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Ginger Fudge Cookies

Ginger Fudge Cookies A

I came up with this flavour combination by accident, but boy am I glad I did! You get both the creaminess of the fudge (I use all-butter) and heat of the ginger in this sweet, chewy cookie.
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Lemon Tart with Ginger

Lemon Tart with Ginger

I remember the first time I made lemon tart, it was after tasting it and loving it – so I had to make it! It’s so simple to do but tastes so fine and lovely like a lot more work is involved. I’ve spiced things up here by adding ginger to give even more depth and character to a very classy dessert (the most classy in my opinion). Click here for the recipe

Chocolate & Ginger Pinwheels

Chocolate & Ginger Pinwheels A

I love the characteristic warmth ginger brings to any dish and here’s another recipe showing off ginger’s versatility. The recipe for the Rough Puff Pastry was featured on the blog a few weeks ago, and these are some of the beauties I made with it. Why not make your own (it’s easier than you think) and make yourself feel proud!

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Pear & Ginger Traybake

Pear & Ginger Traybake A

This recipe combines two of my favourite ingredients – pear and ginger! I love the sweet and juicy flavour of pear, I think there’s nothing like it. And the warmth that comes from ginger pairs well with so many flavours. This cake is made in a similar fashion to a carrot cake, although I feel it needs no frosting embellishment as it sings a sweet and spicy melody on its own. Click here for the recipe