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Honeycomb Layer Cake

I am a self-confessed cookbook collector. I love waiting for books I’ve ordered online and receiving them as gifts is a joy. One thing though – they must have pictures. Call me a child for my love of picture books but I struggle to envisage something I’ve never made before just from a list of instructions. After browsing through one of my cookbooks, Baked Explorations by Lewis and Poliafito, I had the urge to make an American-style layer cake. The many layers create a look of decadence and a simple decoration is literally the cherry on top! I find it hard to believe many people have three identical cake tins so I’ve suggested baking the cakes individually, or if you have two tins (like me) you can do two at the same time. Click here for the recipe


White Chocolate & Vanilla Cake

My friend was coming to visit me at Uni so I said I had to make a cake, after all it had been a while seen he’d had one. The combination of white chocolate and vanilla came to mind, and there and then I set out to write the recipe. There’s nothing special about the recipe but it’s all in the presentation, I always think iced cakes look that bit more exquisite than plain ones – not to say they always taste better =P I have a few tips that’ll make this cake come out even easier than it appears: make in two batches and bake for 20-25 minutes if you only have one tin! Before icing the cake completely, spread the top and sides with a thin layer of frosting (like buttering bread) to prevent crumbs appearing on the surface, then cover with a thicker layer. If you prefer a firmer sponge, like me, try replacing 100g of the self-raising flour with plain flour. Easy! Click here for the recipe