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Lemon Bars with Mint

Lemon Bars with Mint A

I remember lemon bars vividly as they were something I made many years ago from a cookbook and I was very unsure what to expect. What emerged from the oven was indeed something I couldn’t have foretold. This is a recipe that makes lemons sing; oven baked curd atop a shortbread base and I’ve spruced it up with some fresh mint thrown into the mix. A little tip is not to dust with icing sugar too far ahead as the bars will soak it in and you won’t be very impressed with the look!
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Lemon Meringue Traybake

Lemon Meringue Traybake A

Lemons and meringues were just meant to be together. The sharp plus the sweet equals heaven on a plate. Here I’ve taken those marvellous flavours and thrown them into a traybake which is both easy to make and easy to eat!

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Pear & Lemon Muffins

Pear & Lemon Muffins A

I told you I loved pear! This time round I’ve thrown pieces into a muffin mix along with lemon juice and zest to create a delicately flavoured treat. Muffins are usually best eaten the day they are made but I had one of these three days later and it tasted just as good!

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Blueberry & Lemon Cookies

Blueberry & Lemon Cookies A

Blueberry and lemon is a flavour combination I always enjoy using, it’s like they were made for each other. The fresh flavour of blueberries collaborating with the fragrance of lemon just makes me smile – and did I mention the colour? Excuse me while I have another…
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Lemon Tart with Ginger

Lemon Tart with Ginger

I remember the first time I made lemon tart, it was after tasting it and loving it – so I had to make it! It’s so simple to do but tastes so fine and lovely like a lot more work is involved. I’ve spiced things up here by adding ginger to give even more depth and character to a very classy dessert (the most classy in my opinion). Click here for the recipe

Honey & Almond Squares

As part of my birthday celebrations this year I had a house full of people and full of food, and for one of the desserts I made these honey & almond squares. A very simple recipe that packs in both flavour from the honey and texture from the almonds. I’ve just said ‘honey’ in the ingredients list but by that I mean use the best honey you have, be it orange blossom or a lovely local variety! Click here for the recipe

Lemon Drizzle Loaf

Herein lies one of the most beautiful, yet elegantly simple cakes to ever grace the baking world (and of course my blog ;] ). Nothing at all fancy about it, yet it has the power to impress everybody I know (except those with a thing against lemons). Cleansing aroma, sweet-piquant flavour, moist texture – it’s almost heavenly… Click here for the recipe