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Wild Blackcurrant Loaf Cake

Wild Blackcurrant Loaf Cake C

Wild blackcurrant conserve is the reason for this recipe. It’s an ingredient I’ve used before and upon using it again I knew just the cake! Loaf cakes speak of generosity and plenty in a homely way compared to, say, a layer cake and with a coat of frosting can be just as elegant. The conserve lends a vibrant pink hue without the need for food colouring – and did I mention the taste?
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Banana Bread

I’ve really gotten into baking loaf cakes recently. And of course one of the, if not the most, quintessential loaf cakes is banana bread. They say the riper the bananas the better so buy them at least a week in advance, wrap in a bag and leave to ripen – I use them when they have black freckles all over. I’ve been quite specific about the amount of banana used, that is for two reasons: one, who knows exactly how big a medium banana  is? And two, when baking I like to be sure I’ll yield the same great results again and again and again and… you get the picture. There’s nothing fancy here, in fact I kind of wish there was to give it more of a wow factor but I guess I’ll have to do that in the next post! And here’s a nice little tip: any leftover banana (unless you manage to get exactly 350g when peeled) can be shoved in a blender with some orange juice and there you have a lovely smoothie to drink while the banana aroma fills the house =] Click here for the recipe