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Maple & Pecan Bars

Maple & Pecan Bars C

I can’t enough of the flavour of maple syrup, sweet and rich and just plain tasty. I can’t do maple and bacon though – no, no, no. Maple and pecan however, now we’re talking. These bars are great for packed lunches, picnic lunches and ‘snacks-before-lunch’es because they are easy to make, not very fragile and keep well too. Try adding 30g chopped pecans to the shortbread topping (at the stage before pressing into a ball) for even more nuttiness!
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Walnut & Raspberry Syrup Cake

Walnut & Raspberry Syrup Cake B

This cake was inspired by a recent holiday, one where almost every dessert was soaked in syrup! It seemed a bit peculiar and funny at first, but it soon became the signature of meals out. Here, the fresh zing of the raspberries contrasts beautifully with the sweet, delicate walnut sponge. And it tastes all the better with a splash of cream! P.S. Don’t worry if the raspberries get hidden within the cake, they’ll soon reappear when the cake is cut.
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Maple & Pecan Friands

Maple & Pecan Friands

I present to you the perfect tea party cake. Sweet, rich, dainty and flavoursome. What’s more, they possess that natural beauty – that bronze complexion, that cute puff – that makes them un-needing of adornment. Although I guess a drizzle of maple glacé and a sprinkle of chopped pecans wouldn’t hurt anybody…
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Orange Scones with Maple Butter

Orange Scones with Maple Butter A

I’ve given traditional scones a fresh twist with the addition of orange zest and served with maple butter for an indulgent weekend brunch offering!

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Maple & Pecan Flapjacks

My primary school never seemed to have a low in supply of flapjacks for pudding and the variety in terms of quality was just as abundant, sometimes soft and chewy as they should be (but not like toffee) or dry and hard as if the dinner lady (or lad) didn’t set the timer. Nonetheless I still enjoy flapjacks to this day (though as more of a snack than actual pudding) and thought I’d put my own spin the simple treat. Maple syrup goes really well with pecans (and walnuts too, though I can’t imagine why one would put it on bacon – do enlighten me if this is your desired way to use maple syrup) and the pecans add a lovely texture (roasting them brings out their flavour – 5 minutes at 180°C). This is something that can be knocked up in no time so really good if you have a busy schedule. As for me, I’m on summer holiday… =D

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