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Mini Pistachio & Strawberry Tarts

Mini Pistachio & Strawberry Tarts A

In case by now you hadn’t realised, I love frangipane. So when I discovered pistachio frangipane I was in my element! Swapping almonds for pistachios not only changes the flavour, it produces a beautiful green frangipane for the eyes to feast on ahead of the stomach. Sticking with colours, the strawberry jam works well as complementary to the green frangipane. Moving onto flavours, the sweet strawberry compliments the nutty pistachio wonderfully. Click here for the recipe


Mini Chocolate & Raspberry Tarts

Mini Chocolate & Raspberry Tarts B

These mini tarts are perfect if you’re having a dinner party and want to serve a selection of mini desserts. The flavours are intense, yet the package small so one feels indulgent but not greedy. Serve at room temperature if you’re short on time or want a filling you can dip your finger in. Or chill for at least an hour to set the filling if you want something a little more classy… Click here for the recipe

Mango & Lime Meringue Pies

Isn’t the weather here in England lovely? Well nah I hate the heat BUT I am loving all the sunshine – so here’s some sunshine for your plate! This is a tropical twist on lemon meringue pie; crisp pastry filled with mango curd and topped with chewy meringue. I put lime juice in the curd for that beautiful tang to contrast with the sweetness of the meringue. So whether you’re having a big old BBQ or an al fresco dinner party be sure to put these on the menu! Click here for the recipe


Mint Choc Tarts

I was in a bit of baking mood and thought I’d make some mini tarts. Since I was a child I’ve enjoyed Feast ice lollies with the crisp, cold piece of chocolate hidden in the middle and will never cease to love the mint version, so I decided to put it into tart form. The recipe is pretty simple (simple is always a good thing!) but the results are really tasty and would be fantastic on any occasion. Chilling the finished tarts is important as it not only enhances  the minty freshness but it allows the filling to set (although if you can’t wait to try them – like me – I’m  sure you won’t mind the filling spilling out and onto your hands!). The amout of pastry makes exactly 12 cases so you’ll have to re-roll the trimmings! Click here for the recipe