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Double Chocolate Muffins

Double Chocolate Muffins A

What’s not to like? Muffins with a double dose of chocolate. Unless you don’t like chocolate…

Well I do, and I love these muffins! Great with a cup of tea at around 11am (or 11pm) or have them as dessert served warm with ice cream – yes please!
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Pear & Lemon Muffins

Pear & Lemon Muffins A

I told you I loved pear! This time round I’ve thrown pieces into a muffin mix along with lemon juice and zest to create a delicately flavoured treat. Muffins are usually best eaten the day they are made but I had one of these three days later and it tasted just as good!

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Spiced Chai Muffins

Spiced Chai Muffins A


I’ve not been a fan of spiced chai for long. I find many commercial ones too sweet and some a bit too peppery, however my mind was blown when I visited Elephant (Pakistani street food) in Brixton Village. Although nothing can compare to the fresh chai at Elephant I was happy to discover the Drink Me Chai range in my local supermarket. Perfect for baking in powder form, they come in a variety of flavours which you can switch in and use in this recipe!
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Cinnamon Muffins

Cinnamon Muffins B

These muffins are paying homage to some lovely baked goods I had in Portugal. Simple bakes such as bolo de arroz and pastel de nata are not only cheap but incredibly tasty. Muffins de canela also fit into that category, and I hope my version brings you even half the satisfaction the original ones I had brought me.

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