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Banoffee Tarts

Banoffee Tarts BI’ve never been a fan of banoffee pie (wait, wait) because I find the textures all wrong. It’s all soft and crumbly and airy and mushy and I just don’t get it. What I do get, however, is that bananas and toffee get on like a house on fire. On top of the digestive biscuit pastry sits the pièce de résistance: banana toffee. This stuff just hits the spot, I mean, all the spots. I actually ate a good amount of it on it’s own, but on top of the digestive base and beneath the whipped cream it is divine! One quick note, the caramelised banana slices don’t stay good for too long so if you plan to make this recipe in advance, save caramelising the bananas until you are about to serve.
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Oaty Biscuits

Oaty Biscuits C

You’ll probably recognise these, if you don’t then give it time (but don’t stress yourself). Either way, they are lush! Crunchy, oaty, chocolatey, tasty! I’ve used dark chocolate which works really well but if you’re making for kids I’d swap it for milk chocolate – 10 year old me wouldn’t have gone near dark chocolate ones! Another tip is to store them in the fridge (in an air-tight container) as the chocolate takes that bit longer to melt on the tongue mmm…
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Cherry Crumble Pie

Cherry Crumble Pie A


Is the crumble too humble for you? If so, then try a crumble pie! The cross between a crumble and pie resulting in a tart (somehow) is rather sophisticated I like to think, yet still very homely at its heart. Just like the traditional crumble it’s all about lots of comforting flavour, this one just looks a bit more fancy!
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Chocolate Flapjack Bars

Chocolate Flapjack Bars A

These indulgent little treats are a childhood favourite turned adult. The dark chocolate running through the middle transforms these flapjack bars, with each bite achingly satisfying and truly moreish – I hope you like them as much as I do!

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Apple & Blackberry Crumble

Apple & Blackberry Crumble ANothing says comfort more to me than a bowl of fruit crumble with lashings of warm custard. As the cold weather sets in, snuggling up with a pud like this is sure to warm you up from the inside out!

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Maple & Pecan Flapjacks

My primary school never seemed to have a low in supply of flapjacks for pudding and the variety in terms of quality was just as abundant, sometimes soft and chewy as they should be (but not like toffee) or dry and hard as if the dinner lady (or lad) didn’t set the timer. Nonetheless I still enjoy flapjacks to this day (though as more of a snack than actual pudding) and thought I’d put my own spin the simple treat. Maple syrup goes really well with pecans (and walnuts too, though I can’t imagine why one would put it on bacon – do enlighten me if this is your desired way to use maple syrup) and the pecans add a lovely texture (roasting them brings out their flavour – 5 minutes at 180°C). This is something that can be knocked up in no time so really good if you have a busy schedule. As for me, I’m on summer holiday… =D

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