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Autumn Spice Madeira Loaf

Autumn Spice Madeira Loaf C

Autumn is the season of spice, especially in the baking world. As the nights draw in spices add warmth to cold evenings, and bakes take on a very comforting role (for me at least!). Here’s a twist on a classic madeira loaf, sure to bring comfort on an autumn night in.
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Hazelnut Cake with Orange

Hazelnut Cake with Orange A

Nuts are such a beauty to bake with, they enhance cakes with extra moisture and, as in this case, add depth of flavour when toasted. I’ve paired toasted hazelnuts with orange zest for a lovely traybake which is easy to whip up. Once baked and cooled a bit all that’s missing is an accompaniment, vanilla ice cream as I’ve suggested below or a refreshing dollop of yoghurt – yum!
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Mince Pie Twists

The title should say it all, these are my twist on the traditional mince pie. Personally I’m not a fan of the originals, I find the pastry way too crumbly and the filling a bit full-on, so I thought I’d re-work them Chef Jae style. The shortcrust pastry is replaced with puff pastry, rather more impressive may I say, and shop-bought mince meat is spruced up with some fragrant orange zest and chewy cranberries. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do as we get into the festive spirit  – doubt I’ll be the only one baking my Christmas presents! Click here for the recipe