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Orange & Rosemary Cake

Orange & Rosemary Cake A

The thing I love most about this cake is the texture. Not quite a frangipane, not quite a sponge, the balance of ground almonds and self-raising flour gives this cake a magical quality. Indulgent yet light and bursting with fresh flavour. This cake is lovely as a little afternoon treat and also a great way to round off a meal. I recommend serving it with a segment of orange and a small sprig of rosemary to garnish a dollop mascarpone.
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Burnt Honey Crème Caramel

Burnt Honey Crème Caramel A

It took me a while to like custard. As a child I shied away from the yellow stuff without ever tasting it, and then one day I took the plunge and never looked back! From traditional pouring custard (not too runny please), to thick and rich crème pâtissière and let’s not forget ice cream, there are so many ways to love custard. And now here’s another! Burning the honey turns it into caramel with a delightfully floral taste, to adorn the delicately flavoured set custard.
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Hazelnut Cake with Orange

Hazelnut Cake with Orange A

Nuts are such a beauty to bake with, they enhance cakes with extra moisture and, as in this case, add depth of flavour when toasted. I’ve paired toasted hazelnuts with orange zest for a lovely traybake which is easy to whip up. Once baked and cooled a bit all that’s missing is an accompaniment, vanilla ice cream as I’ve suggested below or a refreshing dollop of yoghurt – yum!
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Orange Scones with Maple Butter

Orange Scones with Maple Butter A

I’ve given traditional scones a fresh twist with the addition of orange zest and served with maple butter for an indulgent weekend brunch offering!

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Cranberry, Orange and Almond Shortbread

Cranberry, Orange and Almond Shortbread B

Here’s a recipe to get autumn started. Studded with sweet, dried cranberries, scented with fresh orange zest and embellished with sugar-coated chopped almonds. These are my favourite shortbread biscuits I’ve made to date! They’re a bit fiddly to get looking perfect, so be sure to chill the dough well otherwise the cranberries and almonds will be problematic when slicing the biscuits.

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Chocolate Orange Tarts

Any chocolate fans out there? It’s funny because although I admit I like chocolate I didn’t expect to have so many chocolate recipes on my blog. So yes sticking to the pattern here’s another! =] I recently used this recipe for a demo (at EHWLC once again!) but it wasn’t the one I originally had in mind. The original tarts I made had a lemon pastry cream and raspberries on top (very tasty) but that’s a flavour combination I’ve used way too much in the past – and I also wanted to use chocolate pastry =] The one difficulty with chocolate pastry is that it’s harder to gauge when it’s cooked simply by eye, but I believe if you’ve mastered standard shortcrust then it’s be a piece of cake. Use the same timings as you would with shortcrust and feel for the same textures and there shouldn’t be a problem =] Click here for the recipe