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Coconut & Raspberry Tarts

Coconut & Raspberry Tarts B

I love putting different flavours in my pastry cream. I mean I was so confident I thought I could straight swap out cow’s milk for coconut milk, bad idea! It tasted great looked far from fantastic so it was back to the drawing board for me. And here’s the version that works: silky smooth as any good ‘crem-pat’ should be and delightfully flavoured with coconut. The raspberry conserve adds a fresh contrast to the coconut and a burst of colour to boot. I hope you enjoy eating these as much as I do!
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Raspberry & Rose Tart

Raspberry & Rose Tart CExtra special if the sun is out and equally delightful if it’s not, this combination of raspberries and rose makes for one tasty dessert. I’ve filled this tart with pastry cream, which is one of my favourites and is incredibly versatile when it comes to flavours! The tart maison shape can only mean sharing, so cook up a feast and bring this out to round off the meal.
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Neapolitan Brownie

Neapolitan Brownie

This is an idea I’d been toying with for a while but was only recently able to bring into a baked (and chilled) product. Neapolitan being such a traditional ice cream flavour combo but something I thought would work so much better in another form.  So here it is… Click here for the recipe

Chocolate Orange Tarts

Any chocolate fans out there? It’s funny because although I admit I like chocolate I didn’t expect to have so many chocolate recipes on my blog. So yes sticking to the pattern here’s another! =] I recently used this recipe for a demo (at EHWLC once again!) but it wasn’t the one I originally had in mind. The original tarts I made had a lemon pastry cream and raspberries on top (very tasty) but that’s a flavour combination I’ve used way too much in the past – and I also wanted to use chocolate pastry =] The one difficulty with chocolate pastry is that it’s harder to gauge when it’s cooked simply by eye, but I believe if you’ve mastered standard shortcrust then it’s be a piece of cake. Use the same timings as you would with shortcrust and feel for the same textures and there shouldn’t be a problem =] Click here for the recipe