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Cinnamon Palmiers

Cinnamon Palmiers B

Palmiers are delicious! So sweet and crisp yet delicate enough to melt on the tongue. Believe it or not this recipe took me a while to perfect; the ingredients are simple enough but getting the palmiers to keep a perfect shape was a struggle. The key lies in correctly folding them to allow room for the pastry to puff as it cooks, so make sure you keep to the 7cm rule!
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Cheese & Chive Squares

Cheese & Chive Squares BI came up with this recipe one night – quite literally! When I should have been drawing zzzs, I was rolling pastry and then tucking into these in the midnight hours.  Whatever time of day you find yourself making these I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
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Chocolate & Ginger Pinwheels

Chocolate & Ginger Pinwheels A

I love the characteristic warmth ginger brings to any dish and here’s another recipe showing off ginger’s versatility. The recipe for the Rough Puff Pastry was featured on the blog a few weeks ago, and these are some of the beauties I made with it. Why not make your own (it’s easier than you think) and make yourself feel proud!

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Cherry Tomato Tartlets

Cherry Tomato Tartlets A

This is one of the first recipes I came up with using puff (or rough puff) pastry, when I was about thirteen. It’s daringly simple, but nothing needs to be complicated in order to satisfy. And these tartlets do much more than just satisfy. Whether as a dinner party starter, mid-afternoon snack or part of a laid-back brunch, these tartlets fit the bill.

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Rough Puff Pastry

I find making pastry really relaxing. The need for precision and the hands-on approach make me feel very at home. Rough puff pastry is a great alternative to shop-bought puff pastry if you want to make it yourself. It’s not the quickest thing to make but it sure is quicker than standard puff pastry. To be honest, most of the time is spent while the pastry is chilling so all-in-all not that time-consuming. Along with this I publish my Mini Onion Pithiviers recipe – a must for any dinner party! Click here for the recipe

Mini Onion Pithiviers

Mini Onion Pithiviers A

It’s been a while since I’ve done a savoury recipe, must be starting to think I survive on sugar! Funnily enough, this is a savoury interpretation of a classic sweet bake. These pastry parcels filled with soft, tasty onion are the perfect canape, suitable for veggies and meat-eaters alike – they also freeze well.

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Mince Pie Twists

The title should say it all, these are my twist on the traditional mince pie. Personally I’m not a fan of the originals, I find the pastry way too crumbly and the filling a bit full-on, so I thought I’d re-work them Chef Jae style. The shortcrust pastry is replaced with puff pastry, rather more impressive may I say, and shop-bought mince meat is spruced up with some fragrant orange zest and chewy cranberries. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do as we get into the festive spirit  – doubt I’ll be the only one baking my Christmas presents! Click here for the recipe