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Golden Syrup Cake with No-churn Ripple Ice Cream

Golden Syrup Cake B

Despite the ingredients, this cake isn’t ridiculously sweet. Instead it is moist and definitely something I can find solace in. The golden syrup lends its golden hue to the sponge, and the raspberry jam gives a strike of vibrance to the super easy ice cream. Enjoy!

Click here for the recipe


Huge Massive Bakewell Tart!

It’s exactly what it says on the can (or title bar!). I recently visited my friend in Cumbria  and was aboslutely wowed by the rich colour and smell of the local eggs – so much so I left with a dozen! Seeing as this was a lot of eggs to use up I set about what to make first with these jewels. Bakewell tart of course! The yolks gave a lovely golden colour to the pastry. And the name? Yeah it was a massive tart, 11″ in diameter to be exact and perfectly crafted too =P Click here for the recipe