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Carrot Cake Roulade

Carrot Cake Roulade A

As I’ve said before, people love carrot cake and, being one of those people, I decided to put a spin on it. Not that it needed it, mind. This is super good though, and the orange-infused cream cheese filling really sets it off so I beseech you to try it. Make one for yourself and make one for a friend because it makes a really good gift!
Click here for the recipe


Morello Cherry Swiss Roll

Morello Cherry Swiss Roll A

It’s the cherries that make this dessert. Sweet and juicy, and vivid pink against the pale cream and sponge. I like making this because it can be whipped up in about an hour, and half of that time is waiting for the sponge to cool! Then it’s time to sit back, fork up and dig in!
Click here for the recipe

Chocolate, Hazelnut and Caramel Swiss Roll

The thing I love about swiss rolls is that they are pretty simple to make and the flavour combinations are endless. Following on from my Passion Fruit Swiss Roll here’s a much richer version for all the chocolate lovers out there. The hazelnuts not only add that nutty flavour that goes so well with chocolate but they also add a lovely crunch, giving the roll even more depth. So while you sit there contemplating when to make it I’ll be cutting myself another slice! ;] Click here for the recipe


Passion Fruit Swiss Roll

Having been requested to use passion fruit in a recipe I grabbed it by the horns as I’d never used passion fruit in anything before. I’ll admit this isn’t the most adventurous of recipes but sometimes simplicity is key; it captures the fresh tangy flavour of the fruit nicely contrasted against the sweetness of the sponge. Swiss roll (or roulade for the more discerning members of the food society) is a quick and easy recipe which can be altered in many ways to suit anyone’s taste (given that you like cake) so you may well see more swiss roll recipes from me. The trick to getting the sponge light and airy is in the mixing, whisking the eggs and sugar until pale and thick eliminating the need for raising agents. You know it’s the right consistency when the mixture leaves a thick trail as it falls from the beaters (when lifted) and sits on top of it itself.

If you’re not a fan of passion fruit seeds, sieve the pulp before mixing into the cream!  Click here for the recipe