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Peach & Jasmine Gâteau

Peach & Jasmine Gâteau A

Whenever I make a gâteau I remember just how easy they are. Yes they do take skill, and much precision, but the skills are quickly mastered – with a steady hand. Flavour choice counts for a lot too as the sponge and cream are oh so delicate balance must be maintained. My favourite thing about this gâteau is the added texture (not to mention flavour) the chopped peach adds to the filling, truly delicious!
Click here for the recipe


Lemon Biscuits

I love lemon, in both sweet and savoury things, and believe it or not yellow is my favourite colour! After baking many batches to perfect them my flatmate Panos certified these biscuits ‘A-class’, and the recipe must be one of the simplest I’ve written. It’s basically a recipe for pastry, flavoured, cut into shapes and baked –  so if you want to make a tart bake for 20 minutes in a 9” flan tin and once cool pile on some whipped cream and fresh fruit. By omitting the lemon zest the flavour variations are endless, two of my favourite being vanilla (add 2 teaspoons vanilla extract with seeds) and chocolate (replace 30g flour with cocoa powder). Click here for the recipe